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Who We Are

Delin Consult is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm that provides technical, financial, institutional, and management consulting services to both private and public sectors of Ghana and the Sub-Saharan Africa. Delin Consult’s objective is to establish a development partnership with Clients, and to place at their disposal our knowledge and experience acquired through our involvement in various types of engineering projects. Our quality guarantee is ensured through the personal involvement of our senior partners in every project.

From the careful selection of experts to the formulation of design criteria and throughout the implementation of a project to its completion, our senior management team is ever present seeking at all times to maintain a proper balance between the client’s needs and our capabilities. The company is able to call on consultants with a wide range of skills to enable it to competently carry out project identification, preparation, feasibility analysis, planning, design, supervision, management and evaluation of such projects.

While able to call on other Consultants for support, the key partners of the firm together with our associates constitute a critical mass of expertise and skills, sufficient for the core activities of the Company.